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The Changemakers Gallery

In the face of climate change, the growing gap between rich and poor and other complex sustainability challenges, a hopeful future can be a tough sell. But hope is what Otesha is all about! In 2015, our Couriers of Hope Cycling Tour members will be delivering messages of optimism and empowerment to thousands of Canadians, equipping them to live more sustainably.

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The East Coast Tour is halfway to Halifax!

"Chasing a sudden thought, I asked the group if we fourteen individuals are so special or if actually the Otesha social atmosphere allows us to bond like this. In other words, could we not bond deeply with people outside our group if we made the effort to create the same social environment? The question alone makes me grateful for my experience so far."

- Stevie Pan, Volunteer Tour Member


Click on the Team Blog button below for more pics & thots from tour members . . . 


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Otesha's East Coast Tour Facebook Cover Photo

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Pedal to Plate Tour - In Their Own Words

"My mind is blown. Daily." - Samantha Hand, Pedal to Plate Tour Member

"Yum! Mustard!" - a chorus of voices heard during a condiment making workshop led by Ottawa foodie Ivana Borojevic

"I look around this fire and see a group of people who are being shaped by the land." - Henry Lickers, Environmental Science Officer, Mohawk Council of Akwesasne and guest presenter to the Pedal to Plate Tour

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