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The Otesha Project has performed to audiences in schools, community centres, sacred spaces and parks across Canada since 2003. We have engaged over 164 000 Canadians in a challenge to make our daily actions more sustainable and equitable for the planet and those who call it home. No matter the format, we bring our philosophy of change to every performance, keynote address or workshop:

"Walking the talk" - Individual actions DO make a difference. We start by changing ourselves, which empowers us to connect with wider movements for social change. Our work is backed by our passion, energy and limitless belief that a better world is possible.

"Sustainability" - environmental and social - varies widely from community to community. That's why our theatre and workshop offerings are interactive. They provoke dialogue. Actors and facilitators involve the "audience" (that's you!) in the action. We learn from, challenge and inspire each other.

Fill out the BOOKING REQUEST FORM to arrange for any of these options:
“This is a very powerful exercise. I cannot believe it was done with something as basic as a blanket!”
Workshop Participant, Kingston, ON 

Book the KAIROS Blanket Exercise workshop in Eastern Ontario

See our full workshop description, including how to book it, here.



"Great songs, and excellent message about living simply and limiting [the purchase of] new electronics. Great examples of how to reuse and refurbish older items.” 
Sarah Trabelsi, Teacher, BC

Workshops                                                                              BOOK US NOW

Otesha facilitators take up to 30 participants through energizing activities that bring fresh information to the table, generate discussion, and allow participants to use their own experience to problem-solve. Move from exploration to action in 30-60 minutes.

The Banana Workshop: Cradle to Grave – Using bananas as an example (the most common fruit purchased in Canada), follow the banana production chain to unpack issues of agriculture, transportation, economic and environmental impact. Delicious!

A Maze of Maize: Corn Stories – Discover the many ways in which corn finds its way into our daily lives and explore its effect on biodiversity and the environment, on local economies and agriculture and on our own health.

Sustainability: From Apathetic to Action Addict - How can we ensure our actions are creating an equitable and sustainable future, and have fun while doing it? Take a funky and fresh look at some big issues (food, transport, clothing, media, water, and Fair Trade) and leave  with a creative toolbox for being the change you wish to see in the world.

"I learned that there are many little ways to help the planet that lots of us can do." 
Student at an Otesha workshop, British Columbia

The Play                                                                                   BOOK US NOW

Our interactive, documentary-style theatre piece follows three young people as they grapple with “being the change they want to see in the world”, each in their own way (Gandhi). The comedic cast of high-energy performers use their own bodies as props to create a hilarious take on serious environmental and social justice issues that gets audiences talking and laughing. The performers involve the audience in creating everyday solutions to global issues, and people leave the 45 minute performance inspired to act on their ideas. Geared for audiences 12-18 years old, but guaranteed to start conversation among elementary students and older folks as well.

"I feel so much hope for our future on this earth after Otesha's visit."
Student at a performance, British Columbia

Offer Accommodations to Touring Performers

While on tour, our bicycle-crazy volunteer performers need a place to lay their head at night. Got a multi-purpose room with a floor? That's all we need! Community centres, schools, places of worship, private homes and campgrounds make it possible for us to put the show on the road. 


“[Otesha] is a great organization, their message is important and they are lovely talented, helpful cheerful people...I wish they could have stayed longer.”  

Jan McKirdy, Community Host, British Columbia


The Otesha Project is a charity and depends on the generous support of our hosts to offer our programming. Honoraria vary depending on your request, but know that Otesha does not turn down a performance or workshop because of financial barriers.

Due to the constraints of travel, we ask that when you book us, you invite as large an audience as possible, and let surrounding schools and organizations know that we are presenting in the area. We want to maximize the number of students and other community members who get to be a part of our community-building programs.