Creating a network of changemakers

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The Otesha Project has been looking for a way to support and foster the change-making initiatives of its over 450 program Olumni – passionate individuals brimming with ideas about how they can incorporate more sustainable choices into their lives, communities and workplaces. With our Olumni spread out nationally, the Changelink program aims to establish Otesha chapters to support regional Otesha communities across Canada.

Otesha chapters link our national networks of program Olumni to the Otesha HQ in Ottawa, "the big O”, creating a connected community of like-minded people committed to the goals and mission of The Otesha Project. This link allows Otesha HQ to support Olumni with learning opportunities, hands-on skills development and professional experience, while empowering Olumni to give back to their communities and create strong relationships with local communities through Otesha.  These chapters will support Olumni who wish to initiate and be involved in Otesha-inspired initiatives in their local communities and incubate change-making activities that will improve access to sustainable consumer choices and a conscious lifestyle.

Each chapter will connect Olumni to various community partners and local ventures to inspire ideas and provide resources, mentorship, and tools to create positive change at the local and global level. Chapters are managed by “Spokespeople”, strong facilitators inspired by a variety of environmental and social causes.  Like the tours, each chapter will be given the proper tools and resources to shape their own chapter, as strong advocates of The Otesha Project.  As part of an empowered, connected community, members of the Otesha chapters will be encouraged to pursue their own projects and change-making initiatives. 

Examples of what an Otesha Chapter can do:

  • Professional development workshops
  • Skill shares
  • Issue-based discussion groups
  • Bike workshops
  • Outreach
    • Play team
    • Facilitate workshops
    • Fundraising events
  • Tour planning
  • Starting community gardens
  • Group volunteering 
  • City bike tours
  • Environmental/Social Justice campaigns
  • Start a social enterprise