Help the O-Community Grow

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As an Olumnus, you ooze (in a nice way…) Otesha spirit and are the best ambassador to speak about the tour experience to potential applicants. Our community of Olumni are the life-blood of this organization – it is your passion, enthusiasm and support that keep Otesha’s wheels spinning.

There are oodles of easy, fun, and meaningful ways that you can help grow the O and share the Otesha Tour experience with others. A few ideas are complied here, as well as some helpful resources to assist you in being an All-Star-Ambassador and expanding our community. 

Choose Your Own Adventure  - Your Path to All-Star Awesome

* Face Time * Social Media * Email * Two-Minute-Presentation * Host an Info Session * Host a Table at a Local Event *

Read on for resources and how-to's. You can email anytime for extra resources or support.


Face Time

The value of a personal referral is next to no other. Most people who participate in an Otesha tour do so because they know someone else who did! If you know or meet people who you think would get a lot out of an Otesha tour – tell them! Easy Peasy.

Social Media

The next time your Facebook account asks you “How are you doing, (Handsome, Gorgeous, Thoughtful)?”, update your status to something that:

* Tags @The Otesha Project * Mentions that we are looking for applicants * Includes a personal comment about why you would recommend the experience *

Similarly, if you’re feely Tweety, select the 140 best characters that:

* Mentions @oteshaproject * Encourages applications * Has some of your own personal flavour! *

Ways to Spice it UP: upload a photo from your tour to go along with the message


Your network spreads far and wide. Maybe you or contacts of yours have the ability to send an Otesha Project Applications Callout over an email listserve, through an organizational newsletter, website or social media post. Ask the appropriate administrators in your school programs, faith community, club connections or organizational affiliations – most people are happy to help spread the word!

A sample “ask” email can be found here.

The Otesha Project Applications Callout can be found here.

Two Minute Pressy

Does the idea of standing in front of your peers and charming them with your wit make you feel like an all-star? Ask your professors, club administrators, etc, if you could have the spotlight for 2 minutes to make an announcement of interest to your peers.

You can download a copy of the 2013 Tours poster to project on an overhead here.

You can see a sample script and key points to cover here.

You can call Kira with butterflies and a plea to rehearse here – 613 237 6065.

Host an Info Session

If you are part of a community with lots of potential interest in The Otesha Project and are up for taking on a leadership role, we are looking for keeners to host info sessions! This involves:

  • Developing a presentation – this should include information about your Otesha experience, how an Otesha tour works, what tours are happening in 2013 and how interested individuals can get involved.
  • Booking a date and space
  • Promoting the event around your networks and community

You can email us at for resources and assistance each step of the way – if you want it! You are also welcome to take creative license…you’re an Olumnus…we trust you.

Host a Table at a Local Event

Keep an eye out for upcoming volunteer, community engagement, social justice or sustainability related events, conferences and fairs. Inquire as to if you can host a table representing The Otesha Project. This involves:

  • Gathering some information to display on the table and having a sign-up sheet for people to be able to get more information/join Otesha’s newsletter list
  • Making sure it looks purty
  • Ensuring there is someone to person the table during the event