Notes From The Road: Entry 1

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PdPT membersBy Frank Iacobucci and Kayla Siefried

On day one I rode an hour to High Park to meet my tour mates I will be riding with for the next 9 days. Feeling good about it. Friendly faces and lots of enthusiasm. We had fun being offered ground cherries, beans and Swiss chard by the resident urban farmer and a nine year old involved in the children's garden in High Park. Between bike safety training, taking a peak at the straw bale building and eating some yummy lunch, I get the sense that everyone is engaged and connected.

Personally I'm feeling challenged by the riding. I'm not in as good shape as I thought, but the group is encouraging and patient. After a fully loaded ride out to Norval Intentional Community, we had a chance to build our own community with intention, sharing stories of what food personally means to us and what it means to feel safe and supported. Overall we are all looking very forward to what the next days will bring, what farmers we will meet and what tough conversations we might have.

That's all for now, after all It's a 'note' from the road, not a letter. Looking forward to sharing more soon. Click here to see more of Pedal to Plate Tour's Notes From The Road.  

Here are some more pictures of our tour members in action!
Otesha workshop     PdPT feast