July 2011 Issue

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July, 2011

Canada Day Issue

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GLT on Stage Line

Riding on Hope  

The Otesha Project's Monthly Journal  

July 2011      
Otesha waves its flag
Phenomenal Food Tour spins into Ottawa
Pedal to Plate to learn about food security
Western Canada is calling you
Otesha joins WE CANada


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Otesha waves its flag for Canada Day

O-lumni Kayla Siefried and Paul Baines share a bike love moment at the MEC Bikefest in Ottawa on July 26, 2011.


Here in Ottawa, the city is white and red (and royal) all over.

It's Canada Day in the nation's capital. While O-Town may be our mailing address, the Otesha Project is truly a pan-Canadian movement, with welcoming homes in communities all across the country. From Victoria to St. John's, and through Canadians everywhere, the Otesha love spreads far and wide. So as we sport the maple leaf on this national holiday, we'd like to raise Otesha's flag in honor of all of you-- members of the Otesha community.


We'd like to celebrate the positive change YOU are making across this great land in your daily consumer choices, in your lives and in your communities. We salute you, eh!


For the soundtrack to this issue of Riding on Hope, we suggest you show your Canadian pride with these tuneskis:  Love Song to Canada by Jason Colette (chosen by Kayla Siefried) and The Travellers' Canadian spin on Woody Guthrie's classic This Land is Your Land (chosen by Paul Baines).


Fast Fact:


"In Canada, 1/3 of the stuff that gose into our landfills is organic matter that could have been composted."

-The Otesha Book: From Junk to Funk  

Phenomenal Food Tour spins into our nation's capital           

Kira holding her entire accumulated  

garbage from 53 days on the road  

with the Phenomenal Food Tour.


A week ago, Phenomenal Food Tour coordinator, Kira Burger, awoke in a big tent, full of piles of panniers and sleeping beauties snuggled comfortably on their sleeping mats. It was her last morning with her 13 tour mates.


After riding 1,700 kilometers and visiting 28 towns across Ontario, Kira and the team rolled into the nation's capital with panniers loaded and hamstrings pumping. To cap off their food-themed tour of the province, the team served up a tasty show, performing their grande finale to a packed crowd at Heartwood House. Audience members chatted and munched on locally-sourced vegan snacks before settling into their seats. The team burst onto stage with contagious enthusiasm, hilarious improv and an inspiring message. Bravo!


In all, the team visited 16 schools and 11 farms. Through 22 performances of the play and 25 engaging workshops, this fine group of hopeful individuals challenged youth to make connections between their everyday habits, the environment, and communities around the globe-- planting thousands of seeds of hope and possibility for a better world. 

The Phenomenal Food Tour end their last performance in an embrace.

The Phenomenal Food Tour in Prince Edward County. (Photo courtesy of Countylive.ca)


Pedal to Plate gears up to learn about food security in Canada



An enthusiastic gaggle of bike-lovers ranging in age from 22 to 67 will climb aboard their two-wheeled steeds for a tour of Ottawa's food producers from July 9-17.  


The "all ages" Pedal to Plate Tour will meet with farmers, food security experts, watershed activists, eco-educators and members of the community as they pedal their way from one delicious local meal to the next.  


Follow them on Twitter and sign up for the team's Notes from the Road to keep up with their adventures!   


Western Canada is calling... will you answer?


Sustainable superheroes will soon descend upon Vancouver! Two teams will hit the road in September after a training week of bonding, playing, and learning to live as a sustainable mobile community.


The Kootenay Mountain Tour will travel east to Lethbridge, visiting small towns, organic farms, First Nations and prairie farming communities. They'll be cycling along beautiful lakes and rivers down into British Columbia's interior desert and up, up, and away into the Kootenay Mountains-- all while empowering young people to make positive change! It's going to be an amazing tour so pass the word along 'cause we only have a few spaces left! 

O-lumni photo of The Kootenay Mountains, taken while on a 2009 Otesha tour.  

The Sunshine Coast Tour will head north from Vancouver and cruise up along the Sunshine Coast on their vehicles of change, visiting a number of coastal and island communities, staying at nature centers, making connections, learning from each other, and spreading the message of hope.


But, first, we need YOUR help! We're looking for a training site in Vancouver from which the teams can launch their adventure: if you know a farm, camp, park or retreat center where we could set up camp, please let us know!


If you're living along one of these routes and are interested in hosting a performance, billet the team, or just be a friendly face to the team when they roll into your town, you can contact Kayla.


Otesha joins WE CANada campaign 


The Otesha Project is pleased to announce that we have partnered with the WE CANada campaign! This initiative is part of the Canadian Earth Summit Coalition, organized in advance of the 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. This non-partisan campaign brings together Canadians who want to see our country take a stand for sustainability. If you think sustainable development should be a global priority, share your ideas!

WE CANada - Oui CanadaWE CANada - Oui Canada

On Canada Day, The Otesha Project will join our WE CANada partner organizations for a kick-off event in Ottawa. Come join us at 550 Cumberland Street, Ottawa. There will be food, fun and a massive flash-mob photo. Oh, snap!


 Catch up to us at the Hillside Festival


The Otesha Project will be offering two workshops and setting up a table in The Neighbourhood Tent at the Hillside Festival this year. The annual community-based music festival in Guelph, Ontario runs July 22-24 and features Canadiana in many forms including tons of Canadian music acts and your favourite Canadian organization, The Otesha Project! We'll be chatting about sustainability and Otesha programming, so sign up for one of our workshops and come by and check out our table!


Speaking of Canada Day barbecues...Candian flag at Parliament Hill


Japanese scientist Mitsuyuki Ikeda and his team recently developed a method of extracting bacterial protein from human sewage to create a meat substitute.  


The process is meant to curb water and feed used for livestock and  decrease greenhouse gas production that results from many commercial beef farms, while offering a new solution to newly-arising food shortages around the world.  


Ikeda's lab has created a sort of burger patty from the extraction, which reportedly tastes like its beef equivalent. The patties currently cost more than your average burger, but fear not! The prices are expected to decrease if the concoction makes its way to markets. Read more here. 


Postcard of the Month

Another Hope sign tacked to a post

After every Otesha presentation, we invite our audience members to change the
world by committing to one new hopeful action. Each individual receives a postcard, writes the action on the back, and if they complete the action, they mail it in to our office. We now have thousands of postcards from across Canada, and they are our proof that we are building a movement. Here's one of our favourites from this month:




"Salut! Durant deux mois, j'ai relevé le défi zero déchet. Tout ce que j'achatais était recyclable ou réutilisable. Je me suis promenée aven mes contenants réutilisablespartout et j'ai acheté plein de bouffe en vrac. Miam! Je continue ce défi tous les jours."

--Marie-Pierre, 24


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Wish list
Thank you so much for the cereal boxes and fabric this past month.  We love taking in gently used items we can put to use!

Here are our current areas of need:

White office paper with one side (used) 
Desktop computer speakers
Digital camera
Tea towels
Kitchen items (bowls, water jugs, trays)
Curtains (floor length, colorful, with loops)  


Drop-offs are welcome between 9am and 5pm
from Monday to Friday at The Otesha Office (153 Chapel Street)