September 2008 Journal

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September, 2008

In this month’s journal you’ll find:
1.    Otesha is hiring a High School Programs Director
2.    Start your own Otesha team!
3.    Summer tours ride into the sunset
4.    Website of the month
5.    Postcard of the month

1. Otesha is hiring a High School Programs Director

Interested in helping to spread the Otesha magic? Love the prospect of being a part of a team that educates and empowers youth all around Canada? Feel like you can lube a bike chain, turn your compost, and install a CFL lightbulb all at the same time? Check out our High School Programs Director job posting to learn more about this exciting opportunity to join our team.

Click here to apply now!. Application deadline: 5:00 p.m. EST, Friday, September 19, 2008.

2. Start your own Otesha team!

Otesha has re-launched our Hopeful High School Hooligan program. If you’re a student or teacher in the Ottawa or Fredericton areas, and are interested in theatre, activism, and having fun, this program is for you. Our Triple-H training sessions include workshops on public speaking, walking the talk, environmental sustainability, leadership, team building, and, of course, learning the Otesha play. We are currently accepting applications for two training sessions happening this fall (see dates below). Applications are due September 24. Check out!/index.en.html or e-mail Elizabeth at for more information. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

Fall training sessions:
Fredericton: October 17-19, 2008
Ottawa: November 7-9, 2008

3. Summer tours ride into the sunset

The Sunshine Coast and Kootenay Mountain tours have spun to a joy-riding, show-stopping finale. The Sunshine Coast team went out with a bang with a fabulous performance at the Fernwood Community Centre in Victoria, while the Kootenay Mountain tour showed off their Otesha colours with an awe-inspiring, culture-jamming joy-ride down Calgary’s Red Mile! Check out some photos and the teams’ final installments of Notes from the Road: Kootenay and Sunshine.

Here are some of the stats from two months of inspiration, impact and adventure:

Sunshine Coast Tour
Number of days on the road: 51
Total distance travelled: 2,253 km
Performances: 27
Total audience members: 1,387
Islands visited: 5
Whales sighted: 5
Flat tires: 28
Visits to Campbell River: 3
Total wheel revolutions: 1,093,400! 

Kootenay Mountain Tour
Number of days on the road: 46
Total distance travelled: 2,304 km
Performances: 34
Total audience members: 1,242
Days of rain: 4
Mountain passes conquered: 6
Highest summit: 1,535 metres
Bears spotted: 3
Supersquadalicious vegan meals: 168

4. Website of the Month

Last winter innovative young Otesha staffer Mike Kozlowski had an idea to start a bread-making co-op. Soon his dream became a reality and the co-op had three groups of four people baking and sharing bread with other households each week. The bread co-op has been on hiatus since the spring tours began and in honour of its re-starting, we wanted to feature a website all about the goodness of home-baked bread.

Real Bread Campaign

Got a great bread recipe? You knead not keep it to yourself; send it our way ( and it may be tested, eaten and featured in a future journal!

5. Postcard of the Month

“I will try not to use so much paper by using the back of each page before I get a new one!”

-Megan, age 12