Sprouting Change & Making Waves

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September, 2012

Riding on Hope
The Otesha Project's Monthly Journal
Sprouting Change & Making Waves Edition

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September marks the start to Otesha's Water Works and Phenomenal Food Tours and we want you to be a part of it!

Everyday, people like you are choosing to be a part of the solution, using the power of their daily choices to make extraordinary change. We are challenging you to think of an issue that is important to you, and commit to one new action that you will take to start planting the seeds of change and creating waves. Imagine the collective impact of all of those actions adding up!

Create the Ripple Effect: A great way to increase the impact you’re having is to let people know about it. Tell your friends, family, grocery store clerks, pets, whoever will listen – what you are up to and why!
  • Log onto our Facebook and post on our wall what action you’re taking – your efforts will inspire others.
  • Send out what action you’re committing to over Twitter using the hashtag #oteshaproject

Our Brains Are Buzzing From Our Annual Meeting


Otesha AGM 2012
Tired and Inspired. That's how Otesha staff and Board of Directors left our Annual Meeting this past weekend. It was a weekend to see the many faces behind the voices on our conference calls, a chance to assess where we are and dream and plan for the future, and to re-energize ourselves for the year ahead.

In true Otesha style, we found ways to work hard and play hard, to appreciate the talents and passion of everyone in the room, and to show our appreciation for the dedication of our Board and Staff. Read more here.



We Are PowerShift!

On the weekend of October 26-29th over 1500 youth from all walks of life, coming from communities all across Canada will come together for a historic gathering to build the movement for a just and sustainable future. Including leading voices from the global movement to stop  climate change, this gathering will empower our generation to chart a  new pathway forward towards the world that we want.

  • Registration is now open and early bird registration will be $40 until September 9th. Register now!  
  • Volunteer opportunities are also listed on the website. Please help spread the word and get friends and family to attend!
  • You can also help Fund Frontline Youth Participation: PowerShift has created a Scholarship Fund to help youth from frontline communities attend PowerShift, you can donate to this fund, or fully sponsor a participant from a frontline community.  

Visit www.wearepowershift.ca for more information!

Tools For Change releases its fall workshop schedule for change makers
Tools for Change has just released its fall workshop schedule and it's jam-packed full of useful workshops for change makers. Workshop topics include: meeting facilitation, media strategy, group decision making, and organizing rallies and marches.

A project of OPIRG Toronto, Earthroots, and Greenpeace Canada, Tools for Change helps you develop skills to advocate for social, economic, and environmental justice. All workshops are held in accessible classrooms at the University of Toronto, St George Campus.

For the most up to date list of workshops go to: www.toolsforchange.net

Tour Preview...

Who's Who!? Get to know the Water Works and Phenomenal Food Tour Teams!
Phenomenal Food Tour
Austin Lui

Austin Lui is a musician by trade, but likes to dip his brush in anything he finds interesting.
You can often find him philosophizing and arguing about art, the meaning of life, what it means to be a 'good person', and the best way to cut an onion.

Read more about Phenomanl Food Tour members by clicking here.

Water Works Tour
Marina Bio PhotoHello! I’m Marina Neytcheva, and although I’ve moved around quite a bit in the last ten years, I now call Guelph home, and I love being a Guelphite! It’s here that I stumbled on a friendship that opened my eyes to the wonderful world of Otesha, and it’s here that I awoke to the need to find my true calling.

While my path up to now has been primarily marked by the scientific study of nature—i.e. ecology—I’ve come to realize that the key to helping nature and creating a socially just world does not lie in science alone, so I’m excited to embark on a more holistic journey of self-discovery and a search for that-one-thing-that-combines-all-my-passions-and-that-I-would-want-to-do-most-of-all. What better way of starting such a quest than with an Otesha Performing and Cycling tour!? I would not call myself a cyclist or a performer, but I am someone who loves learning and taking on new challenges, so I am determined to do my best to engage audiences and ride up those hills without undue physical exertion! All in all, I just can’t wait to start pedalling!

Read more about Water Works Tour members by clicking here.
O-Lumni Lounge
News, updates and opportunities specifically for the inspiring, incredible individuals who have completed an Otesha Tour.

Attention O-lumni!! Your Exclusive Offer…
O-lumni, your great reputation follows you much beyond tour! Ourfriends at The Natural Step know how energized, active and savvy you are, and are eager to offer you an opportunity build and share your new (and old!)skills. The Natural Step will generously sponsor one spot at each of theirupcoming IMPACT! Sustainability Champions Trainings in Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver for an Otesha O-lumni!

Non-O-Lumni are also encouraged to apply:

  1. check out The Natural Step Website for info on the training. There’s also a sneak preview below
  2. write a 4 line poem explaining why you’d like to attend 
  3. get in touch with kira@otesha.ca with your poem and which training you are interested inattending! 

Sign up for the IMPACT! Accelerate your sustainability project by:

  • Working on an existing project,creating one, or collaborating with others to carry out a project in your community
  • Receive two days of action-focused sustainability and leadership training,with passionate sustainability champions
  • Be mentored by local sustainability professionals
  • Gain eligibility to apply for project seed funding from the 75k IMPACT! Fund
  • Receive a certificate in sustainability training

Bikes Tubes and Gratitude from Matt, Kira, Elly, Shirley, Lindsey and Nicole

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