August 2008 Journal

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Août, 2008

In this month's journal you'll find:

       1. Look out! Kelly joins the Otesha crew
       2. Fresh out of the oven – a new Otesha play
       3. West coast tours – Out with a Bang!
       4. East Coast tours get their (bicycle) motors running
       5. Website of the Month 
       6. Postcard of the Month 

1. Look out! Kelly joins the Otesha crew

The Otesha staff are proud to announce that Kelly Bowden will be joining our family this month! While Kelly is a relative Otesha rookie, she brings with her loads of experience through her work with Children's International Summer Village and Oxfam, and has a degree in Global Development and Political Studies from Queen's University. Kelly is a Fair Trade superhero who loves blueberries and long walks on the canal. She will be applying her amazing logistical bike tour planning skills as Programs Director.

2. Fresh out of the oven – a new Otesha play

The Otesha family is proud to announce the birth of a brand new baby play, entitled "Reason to Dream". On June 27, 2008, after 72 hours of hard, but glorious and creative labour, the strapping youngster, measuring in at 35 minutes of compelling and funk-filled theatre, entered the world. This new play, which has been 8 months in the works, is being performed and adapted by the Sunshine Coast team as we speak, but will make its official debut on the 2009 cycling tours. Get excited!

We would like to send out a big thank you to the wonderful group of collaborators and volunteers who made this birthing a success: Lani Claxton, Jill Dalton, Jeanie Morton, Margo Lee, Adele Woodyard, Joel Robison, Derek Gytenbeek, Advah Soudack, Darrell Harvey, Jessica Lax, Jen Valberg, Mike Kozlowski, Laen Hershler and Lynna Smith. 

Sandy Buck and Chad Hershler from Deer Crossing – The Art Farm were the gracious hosts of this play-creating workshop and we are tremendously grateful for their enthusiasm and generosity. To learn more about this fantastic place, visit: 

3. West coast tours – Out with a Bang!

In a few short weeks, the Sunshine Coast and Kootenay Mountain teams will be putting on their final presentations of the play at their final tour destinations: Victoria and Calgary respectively. These performances will be big, bad (in a good way), beautiful and bound to inspire. They are open to all community members and we'd like to extend an invitation to those of you readers who may find yourselves close enough to make it. Here's the info: 

Sunshine Coast Tour presents Reason to Dream

Sunday, August 24 - 7:30 p.m. - Fernwood Community Centre

1240 Gladstone Ave,  Victoria, BC

Kootenay Mountain Tour presents Choices

Saturday, August 23 -- 7:30 p.m. - Arusha Centre

223 - 12 Avenue SW, Calgary, AB

4. East Coast tours get their (bicycle) motors running

The final set of 2008 Otesha bike tours will be heading out of Halifax at the beginning of September. If you'd like to check out the team bios and keep up to date on their respective journeys, subscribe to Notes from the Road for the Across the Rock and Rising Tide Tours. And as always, to book an Otesha performance or connect us with Otesha friends, contacts and accommodation along the route, please contact our East Coast tour director, Jason at 613-237-6065 at by e-mail at  Here's where the teams are headed:

Rising Tide Tour

Nova Scotia:
Halifax - Bedford – Upper Tantallon-Chester-Lunenburg
Bridgewater – Liverpool  - Shelburne - Barrington 
Argyle/Pubnico - Yarmouth - Weymouth – Digby 
Bridgetown - Wolfville - Upper Rawdon - Truro 
Tatmagouche –Wentworth
New Brunswick:
Sackville - Moncton - Bouctouche
Harcourt - Chipman - Fredericton - Oromocto - St. John
Across the Rock Tour

Nova Scotia:
Halifax – Musquodoboit Harbour- Sheet Harbour
Whycocomagh – Baddeck - North Sydney
Channel-Port Aux Basques - St. Fintan's - Stephenville 
Corner Brook - Deer Lake - Birchy Lake - South Brook 
Grand Falls - Windsor - Gander – Traytown – Clarenville
Arnold's Cove - Brigus - St. John's 

5. Website of the Month

Each year, various towns across Canada celebrate the bounty of local farmers' harvests by hosting Feast of Fields celebrations. This event allows people of all ages to come out and sample fruits, vegetables and dishes made from local ingredients and usually happens in September. So if you're looking for a fun afternoon and a chance to meet some of the people who grow your food, find your local Feast of Fields and check it out! (Ontario) (BC)

6. Postcard of the Month

"I will plant a garden, catch rain water, reclaim another piece of backyard and make mulch from my compost"

-Iris, age 58