The Otesha Project is moving

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Mars, 2005

The Otesha Project is moving

As of March 15th, Otesha's head office will be moved to the unbelievably beautiful house at 72 Riverdale Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 1R2. Can't wait to see you there!

Our permanent mailing address remains 640 Laverendrye Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K1J 7C4.

Upcoming Otesha events - Ottawa and Victoria!

Come check us out, pick up an Otesha book, see a presentation, and celebrate!

In Victoria join us for an evening of presentations, prizes and performances to support the Coast2Coast team.

  • When: March 19th, 7pm
  • Where: Ministry of Casual Living, 1442 Haultain st.
  • More info: Adele Woodyard, 250-386-0081

In Ottawa join us for our book launch celebration!

  • When: March 24th, starting at 7pm, with a presentation at 8pm.
  • Where: 72 Riverdale Ave. K1S 1R2

March News

Hello friends of Otesha!

Lots of changes this month – wonderful things are in the works! This update is coming to you from our new location: a beautiful old home in the south of Ottawa, made possible by a very generous donation from the Fraser family. Our computers have moved out of our bedrooms and into our first real ‘office’, Otesha postcards are now hanging from the walls, and space for connecting/training/inspiring hopeful Otesha youth is now ready for use!

A new member of the Otesha family has also been able to move in – well-read McGill grad Jeff Carolin joins us in Ottawa as Otesha’s first intern to help us with central co-ordination and general funk-ification : ) Passionate agriculture and food ethics guru Natacha Perriard has also joined the Otesha crew as our terrific translator for the Otesha Book.

Speaking of which, five thousand copies of ‘The Otesha Book: From Junk to Funk’ rest in our new home! On March 24th another ‘FMO’ (Favorite Memory of Otesha) occurred as fifty Otesha supporters came out to celebrate the book’s completion at the Otesha Book Launch at our new home. To top the night off, we all enjoyed a fantastic presentation from Ottawa’s Triple-H team. Crafty book making parties now abound (every Tuesday at 7pm), and if you are ever in Ottawa, you are more than welcome to stop by the office and make yourself a book! If you aren’t able to stop by and are interested in a copy anyway, let us know.

The 8 Triple-H teams are also on a roll! Two members from each team will be coming to Ottawa in April for the Triple-H Super Sustainable Summit to celebrate their success and better the program for next year. We have been doing support visits for each of the teams over the past month and we come home re-inspired by their dedication to world changing – one team has already spoken to over 2000 students in 13 presentations! Others are out in their communities Oteshafying school staff meetings, geography teacher conferences, biology classes, middle school assemblies, Kiwanis clubs, Green Conferences, and even seniors homes! Look out Ontario: the Hopeful High-School Hooligans are on the loose!

Coast 2 Coast co-ordinators, Simon and Keli, are also on their way to Ottawa to pick up their Accord Hybrid support vehicle and then head out west to prepare for their tour. Soon after that, the Prairie Tour sets off with their Civic Hybrid. Hard to believe all four tours are getting closer to their start dates! The Coast 2 Coast, and Prairie Tour routes are both available on the website at: . Check them out to see if Otesha will be pedaling through your area!

Until then may your March end magnificently, and spring sunshine find you pedaling peacefully,

The Otesha crew