Riding on Hope: Otesha is Spicing Things Up

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Février, 2013

The Changemaker Tour - Pedaling with Purpose

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The Otesha Project’s Monthly Journal

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Otesha heats things up.
It’s time to jump in, handlebars first, to the beauty and the controversy found in Alberta. This spring, we’re going there.

Join us on the Changemaker TourIs oil extraction a positive thing for Canada and the world? Are genetically modified crops really that bad…or good? We’re about to open a can of worms – a few actually – and delve into questions whose answers might be black, white, or anything but.  

Volunteers pedaling on the spring Changemaker Tour will be challenging themselves to dig into hot issues like natural resource extraction, climate change, and food production, with a critical and open mind. They’ll look at where the perspectives and interests of different stakeholders – like industry, government, Indigenous communities and labourers – align, and where they differ. They’ll explore the interplay of factors like policy, governance, ecology and grassroots organizing. They’ll also laugh so hard their sides hurt, forge lifelong friendships, and surprise themselves at the power of their own legs.

Sound like an experience you don’t want to miss?
Join us – we want to pedal with you!
Act NOW! Sustainability Art Competition
Opportunity Knocks

Hub City Cycles Community Co-Op in Nanaimo is hiring. The best part – work with wonderful Otesha Olumni who founded and work at the Co-Op. 
Act NOW! Sustainability Performance Art Competition. Whether it be theatre, dance, music, film or spoken word – Act NOW is looking for something that’s sustainable in either theme or practice. What does your Artistic Footprint look like?

Categories: Junior (ages 12-15) and Senior (ages 16-19)

What do they mean by sustainable? This and other details available

Why Act NOW!?
There’s no better time.


News from Otesha HQ 

Welcome back, Kayla!Kayla’s Back!
Olumna extraordinaire, tireless volunteer, and past Coordinator of the Sunshine Coast and Kootenay Mountain Tours, Kayla Siefried is back – this time as Programs Coordinator.

Kayla has a smile that erases grumpiness, a heart so full we wonder how it doesn’t spill out of her chest, and an ability to accomplish more in a day than many could even imagine possible. We are thrilled to have Kayla, and her wealth of experience in organizing, initiating, coordinating and living for social change, back at Otesha HQ.

Psst...if you want to see a great Kayla moment, it’s captured at minute 3:24 in the Seeds of Change video.

Olumni Spotlight
Alumni of Otesha’s Programs, affectionately known as “O”lumni, are continually inspiring us with what they are up to in the world. See for yourself...

Olumna Tricia started Branch Out Bakery
A Bakery that’s Branching Out
Tricia Enns has long wanted to open some sort of bakery that not only provides food, but is a catalyst for change and for building community. Her first tour (Kootenay Mountain 2011) planted a seed inside that allowed confidence to build around her dream. On her second tour (Rising Tide 2012), Tricia “met amazing entrepreneurs that owned micro coffee roasters and sustainable vineyards,” and “discovered the change that entrepreneurs can make on the world.” So she went for it, and out came...

Branch Out Bakery! A bakery that travels through the streets of Ottawa on a bicycle. The plan is for Branch Out to be “the most sustainable and inclusive bakery in Ottawa”. Tricia does this by using local, organic, fair-trade and plant based ingredients as well as ensuring everything is free of soy, nuts, and gluten. Branch Out Bakery is also open to accepting payment through bartering, because money can be limiting.

Check it out at
www.branchoutbakery.com where you can watch the video, order some cookies and read the blog!
Olumni Zone
News and opportunities for past participants of Otesha’s Cycling Tour and Triple-H Program
Olumni and Interns – didya hear?
We at Otesha HQ feel it’s important to recognize the immense in-kind donation that you’ve provided to The Otesha Project through your hours of hard work and outreach. We want you to know that any Otesha Olumni or any office volunteer who has contributed 60+ hours of service to Otesha can
join a tour and raise a project contribution that is reduced by 20%. Yipeeee!
Wanted: Gently loved laptops in need of a new home. We have many laps, but no tops for them.

Wanted: Gently loved digital camera with rechargeable battery and filming capabilities (wouldn’t you love to see more of the inner workings of Otesha HQ? You provide the camera, we’ll provide the dirt!)

Offering: February Lovin'
Wanted: Aspiring or established writers and bloggers. Do you enjoy informing yourself on a topic and writing engaging pieces that contribute to greater social and environmental consciousness among readers? We should chat about a casual volunteer opportunity!
Offering: February Lovin’. Little known Fact: Otesha Staffers are skilled “Secret Valentines”, specializing in clever raps and poems. Email, Tweet or Facebook us: Your Name, A Location & A Passion of Yours, and we will dedicate some lunchtimes to creating your personalized ditty.

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Peace and Bike Grease,
Austin, Kira, Kayla and Elly

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