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Octobre, 2010


How do you spell "Reason to Dream?" O - T - E - S - H - A
Riding on Hope   
The Otesha Project's Monthly Journal    
This Edition: Transportation    
October 2010    
Ride Your Bicycle!
In Solidarity
Otesha is Hiring
Office Move
Follow the Higlands and Islands Tour
Website of the Month
Mail of the Month
Wednesday Oct 27th @ 7:00pm
Hopeful Home Tour
72 Riverdale Ave, Ottawa
for details & to RSVP:

Sunday Nov 21st @ 3:00pm
Otesha's 4th Annual Organic Affair
A fundraising afternoon tea
for details & to RSVP:

Repair Your Bicycle...yourself!

Did you know that there are about a billion bicycles in the world? That's twice the number of cars on this planet. With such a big population of bicycles out there, there are bound to be a few two-wheeled taxis in need of repair...

Here in Ottawa, we're lucky to have Recycles our trusty local DIY bike coop, where smiling faces, spare handlebar tape and tire leavers await us. Not every city is as lucky as ours to have such a resource, which is why Alex Ramon, bike lover and photographer extraordine, started the nifty site BICYCLE TUTOR. Check out loads of videos online for step by step instructions on how to deal with different repairs and challenges.

Know of a great bike repair shop in your town? Tell us about it!

In Solidarity: Alumni, Friends and Supporters Around the World

On Friday September 24th, the Otesha community banded together across the nation. From Saint John to Victoria, alumni, supporters and strangers (soon to become friends) gathered in groups large and small to remember Andrew Wolf and to be in solidarity with the Highlands and Islands Tour members.


The days following the accident saw movements around the globe from Hungary to the UK to South America. Here in Canada, Otesha supporters assembled in Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa, Peterborough, Toronto, Waterloo and Montreal. Our deepest gratitude goes out to all those who sent loving messages, kept Otesha, the team, and Andrew's 
family in their thoughts, and organized events: your drive and dedication 
has immensely inspired us.


In Saint John, the Highlands and Islands Team hosted a memorial and rode through the city in critical mass, many back on their bikes for the first time since the accident. Tears were shed, hopes and fears were shared, and more then anything, they felt the support of the Otesha family wrapped around them. 


Join Our Team

Otesha is hiring!
Want to share your Otesha passion with an office full of change-makers? 
The Otesha Project is seeking a dedicated, organized, experienced, passionate (and, of course, fun-loving) Programs Director to coordinate our cycling and performaing tour program.

Interested? Check out the full Job Posting and apply today! Application deadline is October 18, 2010
Otesha is on the Move

After more than five amazing years in the Manor of Marvelous Mayhem (aka, The Otesha House), The Otesha Project will be moving in the new year. What's our new address? You tell us!

We're on the hunt for new office space, so if you know the perfect home for the next generation of Otesha, please let us know. We're interested in office spaces of all kinds: shared office space, a house, an apartment, you name it. If you know of a space or an opportunity that we should check out, please contact Darrell at

We are deeply grateful to our dear hosts and generous supporters, Dr. David and Nancy Fraser, who have so lovingly provided a beautiful, inspiring home to Otesha over the years. If you're interested in seeing The Otesha House one last time before we move, we will be hosting Hopeful Home Tours in December, January and March. Our next tour is coming up on October 26th at 7pm - click here for the details and how to RSVP.


The Highlands and Islands Tour Rides On 

After days of careful deliberation, the Highlands and Islands team decided to get back on to their bikes and continue their cycling and performing tour in memory of their tour-mate Andrew. In the office and throughout the Otesha community we have been inspired by the team's decision. We have been moved by the dedication and passion with which they pursue their mission to empower youth, and our hearts ride on with them. Our gratitude goes out to the community of Grand-Bay Westfield, New Brunswick who showered the team with support when they needed it most. The support for the team, and for what they are doing, has continued to flow in from the amazing people of Prince Edward Island and now Nova Scotia as they ride on to their final destination of Halifax.  

To follow the team's experience as they ride check out their twitter feed, subscribe to their notes from the road or read them online here.
Website of the Month

CanBike -
Remember in grade 7 when everyone wore slap bracelets? Otesha is on a mission to make reflective vests the new hip thing. Slap bracelets, see you later, bright yellow tape, here we come. Working alongside us on this safety mission is CanBike, a rad training organization across Canada that works to empower cyclists on the road. Take a course with them, and don't forget to wear your vest (and/or slap bracelet!)
Mail of the month

Care package from Fredericton
On the morning of Wednesday, September 15th the Highlands and Islands Tour gave one of their first performances at Nashwaaksis Middle School in Fredericton, New Brunswick.  When the grade 8 class at that school heard about the tragedy that fell upon the team the day after that performance, they decided to write letters to the team to encourage them and tell them how much their performance impacted their lives.  Here is a bit from just one of the two dozen hand-written letters, cards and poems that were written to the team:


I realized during the play that if you set your mind to change

something, you can do anything. I wished there was more I could

do to help change the world. Then I realized, there is.

- Claire, Nashwaaksis Middle School

Wish list
Thank you so much for the used tshirts, one sided paper and old office supplies of the past month. This month we're looking for pens to use at our upcoming Organic Affair.

Drop offs are welcome between 9am and 5pm 
from Monday to Thursday at The Otesha House (72 Riverdale Ave.)