Ride for Climate Canada is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting sustainability, raising awareness, supporting environmental causes, and organizing hiking and biking events. Ride for Climate Canada opens...

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The Best Workout for Improving Testosterone Levels

The Harvard Medical School reported that more than ⅓ of men older than 45 years old could have lower testosterone levels. Most women also display signs of testosterone deficiency, especially when they’re nearing menopausal age. But, boosting testosterone levels is possible with the best legal steroids for bodybuilding but also through exercise. Continue reading to learn exercises that can increase this hormone.
Many studies have reported that sprinting or HIIT, or …

All About Fitness

What Are the Fitness Benefits of CBD?

Staying fit is non-negotiable, both for athletes and regular people. Canada’s CBD is a magical oil that offers many added benefits to your workout. As a Cannabis Sativa L plant species, Cannabidiol’s (CBD) workout benefits range from physiological to biochemical and psychological. As a natural fitness solution, here are some benefits you stand to gain by using CBD:
Reduction in Body Pain and Inflammation
If you work out regularly, body pain and inflammation wouldn’t be new to you. After a tough or long workout session, all you want …

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Things to Keep in Mind When Cycling During the Night

Planning on going for an evening ride? Here are a few safety tips you need to consider.
1. Visibility
Visibility is undeniably one of the toughest challenges when riding your bike during the night. If you don’t have enough illumination, you might trip on something or worse. Additionally, other drivers won’t see you clearly.
For this reason, only go for a night ride when you know you are visible enough and your light is bright enough for you to see what is ahead clearly. Also, don’t forget to wear bright clothes that will reflect at night.
2. Know the Road Rules…


Ride for Climate Canada Covid-19 Statement

Ride for Climate Canada has always been committed to bringing people together through environmental campaigns and adventure. We are extremely grateful to our devoted community of dedicated hikers, runners, and riders who are extremely passionate about exploring the outdoors while supporting a great cause for the environment.
The safety of every participant, volunteers, vendors, and staff has always been our top priority at Ride for Climate Canada. Since the breakout of Covid-19, we decided to cancel a couple of events and reschedule some to Fall season to ensure that all participants can go out of their homes.
During this …

Bicycle Touring

The Best Cycling-Friendly Cities in Canada

Below is a list of the most cycling-friendly cities Canada has to offer.
1. Montreal
Montreal has been one of the most favoured cities in Canada in terms of bike riding. The city is extremely easy to navigate and has embraced cycling at top-notch levels. This city also offers 540 pick-up and drop-off stations for “Bixi”, which is a bike-share program the city leads.
2. Toronto
Known as the “Queen City of Canada”, Toronto is surprisingly one of the best bike-friendly cities the country has to offer. Just like Montreal, Toronto also offers a bike-share …