When hiking and reaching the summit, you most likely want to take a photo of yourself and the breathtaking view. Therefore, you want to wear hiking outfits that are practical and fashionable at the same time.

Whether you are hiking for your leisure or profession, here are some great hiking outfit ideas that you should consider the next time you take on hiking trails:

Bike Shorts

Wearing bike shorts will be great when hiking in scorching hot weather. You do not want to wear too much clothing as this will only make you hot and sweaty. You can pair your bike shorts with a sports bra to have enough support without wearing too much. Because there are no packets, it is advisable to bring a belt bag.

Beach Shorts

This Calgary personal trainer prefers forest hiking to hiking on a snowy mountain and opts for hiking clothing pieces that are better for speed. A matching sports bra and lightweight beach shorts will be perfect for you. If you see waterfalls, you can easily go for a dip.

Cropped Top

For an all-day hiking trip, consider wearing a spaghetti-strap tank top, leggings, thick socks, and durable boots. This outfit will help you hold on well during your long adventure.


If you are the type of person who doesn’t mind going for a hiking adventure during cold temperatures and nights, then a hoodie is a must. Custom T-shirts & hoodies will make you appear fashionable while keeping you warm. You can pair a hoodie with biker shorts and hiking shoes, which are perfect for uncertain temperatures.

High-Rise Leggings

If hiking is part of your workout routine, you can wear your cropped workout shirt with high-rise leggings and your favorite training shoes. A hat will also be great to provide adequate sun protection, and thick socks to prevent blisters on your heels.


The temperature when you are out hiking can be unpredictable. You might start out sweating, and the next thing you know, you feel a bit chilly. One great hiking outfit for this is a pair of cropped leggings, long socks, and a windbreaker. Throughout your hike, you can easily adjust your outfit pieces.

Printed Sweatpants

If you do not always go outdoors but want to feel the vibe of nature when you do, you can wear prints like sweatpants with animal prints. You can wear a matching sweater and pants together. Then, you can remove your sweater when the weather becomes warm.

Seamless High-Rise Leggings

If you want something practical and fashionable enough for photos, you can go for seamless high-rise leggings. You can match these with a cute yoga bra and a fanny pack for your essentials, such as your phone.

Wear on Any Hiking Trail

Finally, we hope that you can get great fashion ideas from these pieces on your next hiking trip. With these cool outfit ideas, hiking does not have to be boring anymore.

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