Below is a list of the most cycling-friendly cities Canada has to offer.

1. Montreal

Montreal has been one of the most favoured cities in Canada in terms of bike riding. The city is extremely easy to navigate and has embraced cycling at top-notch levels. This city also offers 540 pick-up and drop-off stations for “Bixi”, which is a bike-share program the city leads.

2. Toronto

Known as the “Queen City of Canada”, Toronto is surprisingly one of the best bike-friendly cities the country has to offer. Just like Montreal, Toronto also offers a bike-share program that allows riders to pick and drop a bike at designated stations.

3. Vancouver

Vancouver is well-renowned for having widespread devotion to bike riding infrastructure. The city has devoted time and money to providing cycling amenities around the city including in remote areas. Thus, if you want to make most of your bike rides with the utmost convenience, Vancouver would be a great place.

4. Halifax

Halifax is one of the best places for cycling, especially during summertime. The city welcomes you into the cool breeze of ocean air that will make your ride blissful. The city is also home to numerous universities; thus, substantial bike access is necessary.

5. Saskatoon

Saskatoon is undoubtedly one of the most stunning cities in Canada one of the best cycling places in the country. The city offers easy-pedal rides, which makes it an ideal choice for newbies.


Apart from choosing a bike-friendly place, riders must also remember to take safety precautions and research about the cities to have the most pleasant bike rides.

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