At the Ride for Climate Canada, our goal is to bring individuals and non-profit groups together to act, inspire, and encourage others to protect the environment.

Philanthropic Hiking, Cycling, and Running Events

Motivate: Ride for Climate Canada inspires participants to take part in the movement to protect and restore the environment through taking part in running, hiking, and cycling events. Our organization also conducts fundraising for relevant organizations we believe in and value most.

Enlighten: All participants get the chance to meet phenomenal people and learn from their experience of working for sustainability, active transportation, clean energy, and climate change resolutions.

Support: Ride for Climate Canada together with its sponsors generate substantial and unregulated grants for the conservation of the environment, climate change, as well as cycling advocacies.

Join Us: Did you know that you can help support a good cause by simply doing hiking or cycling? If this sounds like an interesting adventure to you, it is about time you joined Ride for Climate Canada.

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