Planning on going for an evening ride? Here are a few safety tips you need to consider.

1. Visibility

Visibility is undeniably one of the toughest challenges when riding your bike during the night. If you don’t have enough illumination, you might trip on something or worse. Additionally, other drivers won’t see you clearly.

For this reason, only go for a night ride when you know you are visible enough and your light is bright enough for you to see what is ahead clearly. Also, don’t forget to wear bright clothes that will reflect at night.

2. Know the Road Rules

To ensure utmost safety during night rides, make sure to familiarize yourself and follow the road rules of your destination. By doing this, you will be as safe and protect other drivers and pedestrians on the road.

Don’t be like the other bike riders who ignore traffic signs and lights just because they think they are invincible on the road.

3. The Right Gear

To ensure optimum visibility during night rides, make sure to wear reflective gear. Moreover, aside from being visible, you must also make sure you are wearing enough protection just in case you face any road mishap. Wear a cycling helmet as well as clothes that will fully cover your arms and legs.

4. Know Your Route

Given the absence of light, you must make sure that you are familiar with your route before you decide to go on a bike ride during the night.

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