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The consumer-crazed holiday season is upon us! Rise above the malls and materialism. Join us for a fun (and free!) evening of storytelling and strategies as we explore ways to reduce our environmental footprint and keep things simple over the holidays. 

As your host, Josh Martin from The Otesha Project will be sharing practical advice on how to make socially and environmentally responsible consumer choices this year -- from fair trade stocking stuffers, eco-friendly decorations, ethically sourced festive feasts and more!

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What’s on your list? Add your simple pleasures and non-material sources of fulfillment to our growing collection!

Reducing our consumption is a key piece of the sustainability puzzle. But that can be a tough sell, especially as the consumer-crazed holiday season approaches when we’re constantly told to buy, buy, buy! The Reasons to Dream List is a fun and simple way to rethink consumption and remind each other that the road to happiness isn’t paved in possessions.

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